Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What Lies within....

Sometimes I feel like I can’t breathe
Choking up like no air to a flame
A dark and empty place that holds me near
Somehow loosing myself, I’ve always feared
That emptiness that haunts my life
Like that of a perfect suburban wife
My world revolves around you
Do you think keeping me close; will make me stay true
Saying you love me, that alone,
just won’t do
So clueless to my feelings; gosh!
if you only knew

You say so much but mean so little
Promises are so thin, to me they are all brittle
I look at you and see right through
But still I’ll say,
“What else can I give to you
You whom; I have planned to share
But in return given anguish and despair
Pieces of my heart you take & take & take
But yet behind my back you’re the biggest fucking snake

Where’s the adventure i was promised
Or was that a lie smeared into our first kiss
Where is the romance, our love once knew
Or shall i get that from someone else too
Where is the spontny; this heart desires
Is it too much that I selfishly require?

Saying goodbye to a love lost another gained
And by that i feel like this body
has been chained
A stairway with no end
A passage with no door
This dark pit with no floor

Mean things are uttered
Tempers a flair
How much of this torture
Can our hearts bare?
To share a common love,
sent to us from above
Is it enough to pull us through?
To regain what we’ve lost and rebuild anew

These things I consciously ask
Now its your turn to speak to me
Open up tell me why
No more empty promises, no more lies
Please help me see
Why it is that you’re always hurting me

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