Friday, May 21, 2010

Born Free

I stood at the edge of a pit,
glance down and counted my blessings
I raised my eyes to the sky and thank god I was born free
Praying for those before me who struggled
So today I can be free
Free to be me
No shackles that bind, No limits to my mind
I was born free
I shook my head at the past
Lift my voice & hand to the heavens
And celebrated this is not the last
Because I was born free
Free to be me
Celebrating my ancestors
Who fought and died ungracefully
To make a place for me in this world
Yes, I was born free
Completely free to be me
No longer will I sit where no one else will
Or be jail because there is no freewill
My value no more determined by
the color of the ground we walk on
Just the mere thought sends my body in a chill
Again I'll reach my hands to the sky
For I am black as can be
But still I was born free
Free to be me

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