Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A decadent treat

A decadent treat
I want to keep
You soothe the carvings
From my wanting lips
To my quivering feet

Your aroma
So intoxicating
Captivatingly I stare
Selfishly I clutch you
I don’t ever want to share

So dark
So smooth
You hit the right spots
You’re everything I need
Heightening every indecent feeling I've got

Steadily I un-wrap you
Trying to make you last
No need to rush
No need to go fast

My buds water for a taste
I savor slowly
So nothing goes to waste
A nibble here and here
My excitement builds as I nibble there

My chocolate dream
You’re so divine
Ill always desire you
You’re always on my mind
When times are good; I’ll find you
When times are bad; I’ll embrace you
On my heart; this promise ill brand
“You’ll always melt in my mouth”
But if all else fails
Ill still tastily lick you from my hand.

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