Thursday, October 20, 2011

I love you, yes I do

I love you, yes I do
I’ve asked myself over and over
How can this be true?
The one thing I wasn’t looking for
Has found me
And baby, that’s YOU!

I love you, yes I do
I can’t hide it anymore
These feeling are overwhelmingly true!
Your caring demeanor
Has touched my heart
From your arms, my love
I never want to part
I look at you and get lost in your smile
As your eyes tell me; baby, please stay awhile

I love you, yes I do
My arms are wide open
My emotions are sure
I’ve seen your heart
And it all seems so pure
This cosmic emotion
I’ve bottled inside
From you, I shall no longer hide

So Here I am
Here I stand
One on One
No tactics
No defense
No guard
Now the ball is in your court
And my hearts in your hands

Before you make a move
Just wanted to say
I’ve never taken loosing
Laying down any day.
Game over or not
No matter the play
Baby, I’ve already fallen
So tomorrow, Ill still love you anyway


Friday, October 14, 2011


If I had to think of only one person that makes me smile the most
It would be you
If I had to think of only one person that I can tell all my secret to
Those secrets would definitely go to you
If I had to think of only one person that gets me, in more than a few ways
It would be you
If I had to think of only one person that I could completely give my heart to
I’d say that would be you
If I had to think of only one person I can be myself with
I’d say that person would be you
If I could think of one person
I would want to spend the rest of my life with
I’d want to spend it with you

© Lisa Goycochea

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Plan

I promised myself
I’d never fall
So around my heart
I’ve built a wall
I’ve convinced myself
Love will never find me again
But destiny knew better
Just a matter of how and when

That night you asked me on a date
To me it was just another night
Getting to know a friend
Chilling, sharing a plate
In my head I went over the rules
Telling myself to play it cool
If it seems too good
Leave reason for doubt
Be a good girl and no staying out
If sex was the question – always wait
And no kissing until at least the 2nd date

My rules were simple
I had a good plan
Dinner and a Movie
And a few winning hands
But then you kissed me
And everything went black
Nervously I pulled back
Trying to grasp the composure, my emotions lack

Your persistence I admire
Dauntingly your eyes showed desire
I started thinking I should call It a night
But my limbs were too weak to put up a fight
You kissed me again and I slowly gave in
Right then …
I cared less who you were
Or where you’ve been
I kept thinking
We can write our destiny
Chapter One…
This is where, our story begins

Meeting you was fate
But falling in Love
Was never in the plan
For while emotionally
I was trying to sneak out
My untamed heart
Somehow snuck you in

Lisa Goycochea

Friday, April 15, 2011

Squeeze (So Random)

Feeling your arms around me
seems like heaven
Silently I’ll smile,
playfully coaxing you like a child
Pushing back further,
persuading you to squeeze tighter
Feels like a familiar place;
that I once knew

© Lisa Goycochea

Friday, March 18, 2011

Treasuring Your Memory

Sadness becomes you
Leaving you in disbelief
Offering you darkness
And a blanket of grief

Over and Over
We questioned; “why?”
Why were you chosen?
Why did you, have to die?

Our hearts are broken
And too shattered to understand
That what it is, we hoped for you
Wasn’t part of Gods Plan

He shouldered your burdens
He saw your heart
He knew what ailed you
And decided;
You need a new start

So with sadness in the air
And tears in our eyes
We’ll gather together
To celebrate you
And say our final goodbyes

We’ll treasure your memories
And hold thoughts of you, dear
And carry you in our hearts
Through out the coming years.

© ~Lisa Goycohea