Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Plan

I promised myself
I’d never fall
So around my heart
I’ve built a wall
I’ve convinced myself
Love will never find me again
But destiny knew better
Just a matter of how and when

That night you asked me on a date
To me it was just another night
Getting to know a friend
Chilling, sharing a plate
In my head I went over the rules
Telling myself to play it cool
If it seems too good
Leave reason for doubt
Be a good girl and no staying out
If sex was the question – always wait
And no kissing until at least the 2nd date

My rules were simple
I had a good plan
Dinner and a Movie
And a few winning hands
But then you kissed me
And everything went black
Nervously I pulled back
Trying to grasp the composure, my emotions lack

Your persistence I admire
Dauntingly your eyes showed desire
I started thinking I should call It a night
But my limbs were too weak to put up a fight
You kissed me again and I slowly gave in
Right then …
I cared less who you were
Or where you’ve been
I kept thinking
We can write our destiny
Chapter One…
This is where, our story begins

Meeting you was fate
But falling in Love
Was never in the plan
For while emotionally
I was trying to sneak out
My untamed heart
Somehow snuck you in

Lisa Goycochea