Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Written to me - rebuttal

See I tell people I’m alittle confused
Please explain yourself
Crashed and Burned,
sounds like someones being used

Falling Is hard
And all this is new
I feel your warmth
And it scares me
I try to push off abit
Everything happening so fast
Trying hard not to rewind the past

I want to talk to you
But scared of what you might think
Of me in the end

Its hard to really open up
For all the world to see
Because of all the harsh critism
They just might not like me

Its nice to be able to talk
And be listened to
Reminds me of a familiar face
I once new
Nothing to worry about
Just writing what come to my mind

Falling, simply free falling
Everything passing by so fast
I said three weeks
That’s the no pass zone
By then you should know
Everything about me
A lot more, than most really know

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