Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Idle Tears

Idle tears
I know not what you mean
It’s been awhile
Since my eyes you’ve seen
I’ve masked you so well
Neither friend, nor foe can ever tell

Idle tears
What does this mean?
This erratic pounding in my chest
Is attacking my emotions
Have me feeling a mess

Idle tears
I see you’ve broken free
And trying hard to get the best of me
Out of desperation, you’re being unfair
Blocking happy thoughts
Sending me a dose of your despair

Idle tears
Don’t make this so hard
You know emotionally
I’m always on Guard
My will is too strong
And we both know
On the outside you don’t belong

Idle tears
You might as well give in
Cause I’m determined today
You’re not going to win
I’ll close my eyes and count to three
That should be enough time
For you to defuse and depart from me

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