Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Emotional Weakness

I wear my heart under my sleeve
To be seen but not by many
Challenging the future and what it has in store
Getting up with a longing, searching for more
Why do we need to be loved?
Why is it hard to accept, when we find it?
Why isn’t it ever enough?
Where is the love that holds simplicity?
Why do we make it an obsession
To be in Love with Love itself?

I’ve given everything of me so freely
Loving wholly, unwise but still completely
Never wanting anything in return
Knowing I have so much to give
Wanting, yearning, craving more
Those moments that makes you weak
Melts the heart and captures your speech
Embraces that make the world around you disappear
Holding on to that moment
Because with no one else you would rather share
Giving everything you’ve got
That emotion we feel, but never find the right words to say
In your powerless and weakest moment, it’ll confront you
Convince you to let go, trust and blindly jump in
Some are fortunate to find it
Others never knew they wanted it till they lost it
Buried deep inside, this emotional weakness
With the power to rip you apart bit by bit
And yet put you back together with that first kiss

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