Thursday, June 26, 2008


Today i woke up fighting through tears to breathe
even throughout the day, i catch myself drying off in the rain
drying my eyes pushing through the anxiety
stretching my strangled smile, ignoring the pain
seems lately I've been letting my path slowly consume me
feeling overwhelmed for what has...
angry at what is....
impatient at what should be...
and scared for what could be...
forgetting to breathe has become so easy
so for a change,

Today.......... I didnt pray for my journey to be easy,
but for strength and resilience to endure this difficult one

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Demanding more
But gave so little
So afraid, not to be heard
But never care to listen
So many words
But when it came my time
Nothing from your lips
Did my eager ears find
Tried to make you see
Angles from where I stand
Opening a window to my soul
Begging for you to understand
But through my eyes
Nothing that was meaningful
You ever cared to see
Only the snares and sarcasm at the end
Which was just a little something
You, yourself taught me

Phanton Zone

Last night as I lay
Lifeless on my bed
Sole thoughts of you
Posses my head
Finally fell asleep
I think I dreamt a bit
Because suddenly
My darkened room
Is now fully lit
Quickly I looked around
To see if you were there
That's when I realize
I must be in a dream
For what once was
No longer lays here.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I Don’t Feel Bad

I walked away from your door
I was angry I was sad  
I wish my heart was breaking
But it doesn’t lie
My eyes are open
And I choose not to cry
You are not the one I thought you were
So it’s much easy if we say goodbye



The End



© Lisa Goycochea