Thursday, December 20, 2007

Frayed (Random Thought)


Battered and beaten
Black  and blue
Busted and defeated
By this world I thought I knew
© Lis Goycochea

Monday, December 3, 2007

Is it you



I'm looking for someone to share my heart with
Is it you
The one who I can run to
Could that be you
Someone who can make me smile
Holds my hands and chase away the pain
Is it you 
Tell  me it’ll be alright when things don’t look so bright
Is it you
Are you the one for me ?

 © Lisa Goycochea

Monday, June 4, 2007

Imprisoned in her mind

Crouched into a ball
Both hands covering her head
Rocking back
Rocking forward
Rocking back
Can’t seem to make it stop
Trying to escape
What seems to be
her own self destruction
All around sounds of laughter
Sometimes crazy banters
The yelling
White coats
Always in a hurry
with nowhere to go
Dated white cups
filled with sweet control
Bright lights
Tight straps
Screaming …
Please make them stop
All that yelling
& no one seem to mind
Writing on the wall
Mumbling to herself
You can’t hurt me
I’m already dead
You can’t break me
If I’m already shattered
Re-living the torment in my head
Wiping her eyes
Still writing on the wall
Silently she prayed
Please make it all fade away


 © Lisa Goycochea

Saturday, May 12, 2007


More pain, more lies
this time I’m sure, we’ve said our goodbyes

You cried, you pleaded
you said it was only I that you needed..

No more fights or lonely nights
You said this time you’ll make it right

You said this was your wakeup call, or so I thought
now this time red-handed, your deception l caught

Thoughts of me hurting only a year ago
of those times only truth I wanted to know

Now I have proof, I’ve seen for myself
I’m staring at the cruel hand to me you’ve just dealt

My pain, my heartache, and those lonely nights I cried
all those times for truth I asked, but still to me you lied

Penitent, regretful, so SORRY you say
no more apart of those childish games
with you I’ll play

I’m hurt, broken in spirit and in frame
But to you alone I cast no blame

You are …what I have accepted
Your lies and deceit I have excused,
but never rejected

So today for strength I’ll pray
and hope that God hears me
and send a mended heart this way.

Sunday, May 6, 2007


Why are things so messed up
What made you not love me the way you should
How can you keep hurting me and pretend its ok
Why do you keep ending up this way
Is it that you don’t care
or because you know that I’ll still be here
Your rock to climb under, when things aren’t going your way
But forgotten when the nights turn to day

Do you think of me, when you’re alone
Do you mean those words you say to me daily on the phone
Is it us you truly want or just the idea of having someone at home
While on someone else your heart and mind roam

You say you love me, but it sounds empty
Days you've shown me you don't care
lately have been plenty
Just tired of the drama, tired of the lies
smiling in my face and stabbing me in the same place
I dont confront you, so you think I don't see

But what you do to ME
Will come back around
to you and that bitch ten fold