Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Fiery passions building so high
Longing to touch the sky
Pulling thorns from my heart
another work in progress from the start
when I think of you, I am far away
imagining tongues flicking
Dancing and entwined
Silent sighs escape me...
Deep gasps become me…
Sitting wishing I could keep you
Promises to stay close
Building something
Only seen by most
The softness of your spirit
Fades my past
I sit and wait for you
In my hands I hold a tattered heart
Embrace me,
Wrap me tightly
Stay awhile and mend me
Love me always
thoughts of you
Always excite my mind
Slowly encasing the core of my heart
I catch myself sinking
Deeper and deeper
Faster and faster
So I’m sending out a message
And hope you’ll see
What shouldn’t have been
Already has me falling each day, clumsily

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