Wednesday, May 12, 2010

She saves me every time.

Slowly I sink
I keep grasping
But there’s nothing to hold on to
Lost in open water
Overwhelmed by its torment
My mind’s drowning
Lost control under the surface
Looking up, I watch as above me
The waves crash all around

Gasping for a breathe
I lost my clarity
I can’t seem to hear
Panic rings through my head
My eyes keep searching
My arms keep grasping
My legs keep trying
But slowly I sink
I’m trying not to let go
With bloodshot eyes
I’m fighting to stay alive

Taking another look up
I saw the sunlight
How majestically it shined
With bright rays that hit the water
A lighted tunnel almost like a guide
I picture your face
Your eyes telling me you need me
I see your smile
It wraps & warms me like a blanket
I can almost hear your laughter
I picture you at play
I remember the first day I held you
The promise I made you that day

Determined not to sink
Forcing myself to act
Mustering the strength
Giving it one more shot
Closing my eyes
Arms abreast
I pushed forward
And pushed forward
Finally breaking the surface
Jumping out of a dream
Waking up in a sweat

I looked in on you sleeping
Even in dreams you tend to save me
Smiling, I listened to you breathing
Kissed your forehead
Then your rosy cheeks
And another
just because


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