Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A lie in a frame

Big smiles
Always happy moments
Captured by the camera
Just by looking
No one truly knows
What happened before the flash
Tacked on the wall
Or sitting on a surface
The untold tale
A lie in a frame

No sniffles
No tears
No sadness
Or even a hint of fear
Just put on a smile
And for that moment
Everything you are feeling
Fades to that emotion
That runs from ear to ear

No one takes pictures
Of things they want to forget
That’s how it’s done for decades
It hasn’t changed yet
Never questioned why
Only happy moments are taken
A simple smile shadowing a lie
Just another moment, frozen in time

Idealism versus reality
Only things to be remembered
Doesn’t matter how, when or where
They always look the same
Frozen forever perfectly
A lie trapped in that frame

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