Wednesday, May 12, 2010

wishing upon you

Like that of a stolen kiss
My minds’ telling me, “just steal a kiss
Sun kissed hair brushed from your face
As unknowingly you look into space
I secretly gaze and pretend not to stare
But it still hurts the most knowing
You are there
I am here
Missing the touch of your velvet lips
Always coaxing you in to steal that kiss
I closing my eyes, cusping my lips
Feeling the blood rushing through,
Slowly to my finger tip
Sending that jolt to my heart
Miss holding you in my arms

Wishing I could hold you like this
Right here and never part
Holding you close as never before
Jump starting my heart
This close to you,
Hurts when were apart

And with that my heart starts beating again
Walking away
As you perfume lingers

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