Wednesday, October 24, 2012

You Are

You are the reason I smile
The reason, I want to make you smile
Mesmerized, chasing butterflies around my heart
The light at the end of the tunnel
That subtle tingle down my spine
You are the reason
For what it is I seek
Simple joys of Life,
Comfort, Love, Laughter
And all that our life together has to offer
You have become that safe spot
that I didn’t think I needed

© Lisa Goycochea

Friday, October 19, 2012

To Love (Random Thought)

To truly love is utter madness
There is always a test of Will
Now that you’ve found it
What WILL you do to sustain
What WILL you do to maintain
What Will you do to keep it
That which you’ve set aflame ?

© Lisa Goycochea


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

If you're a bird..

(My daughter pretending to be a bird)

My darling daughter
Every day I wake
I treasure every moment
I get to spend with you
Today, as we laugh and played
Pretending to be birds
Soaring through the air
I smiled;
Because you have no idea
How much you’ve given me
I watch you stretch your arms out
Pretending to soar
And all I could think of was
Be her wind
Might not make sense
But if you wanna be a bird
I’ll always want to be the wind
Safely beneath your wings
I’ll be the sound you hear
Whispering; its Ok to leave the edge
Giving you the freedom to fly
The courage to soar
Lifting you so high
You’ll have own view, on how to see the world
Not by anyone elses standards, but by your own
And when you’re not strong enough to fly     
I’ll be your gentle guide
And when you just want to soar
I’ll be the balance you need
And when you are tired
I’ll carry you, for as long as you need me
And no matter, how old you get
I’ll always be here
So as long as you want to be a bird
I’ll always want to be your wind.

Love You Eternally


© Lisa Goycochea

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Here and Now (Random Thought)

Struggling between facts and fiction
I'm lost but I'm alive
Everyone around me trying to make a statement
Then there's me
I'm just trying to survive

© Lisa Goycochea

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I wanna be.. pt. III

For everything that you have given me
I feel like I owe you forever
And if forever is what it takes
Just say the word and forever it’ll be
I wanna be so much for you
Somehow what we have going, it feels true
And of all the people I can think of
My heart screams only for you.

I wanna be the one that makes your heart light
I wanna be the one that lights up your life
I wanna be the one to ignite your smile
I wanna be the one that lingers on your mind
I wanna be the twinkle in your eye
I wanna be your only girl
Because already, I consider you my Guy

And even on days when you’re feeling down
I wanna be the one to chase away your frown
And when you feel stressed
I wanna be the one to remind you how much you’re blessed
And when you feel you can’t reach no more
I wanna be the hand, yours look for
And when things don’t go your way
I wanna be the one to say hun, things will turn out ok.
And when you feel discourage
I wanna be the voice you listen to for courage

And when you stumble upon rainy days
I wanna be the one to chase the clouds away
And when things get too tense
I wanna be the one reminding you how to play
And when all you need is a calm day
I wanna be the one, quietly beside you I'll lay
I wanna be the one that colors your world bright
And snuggles you close throughout the night
I wanna be the one you can’t wait to see
I’d never leave you lonely
For my heart tells me,
This is where...
 I wanna be

© Lisa Goycochea

Monday, October 8, 2012

Good Morning



Good Morning
To the strings of my thoughts
The pitter patter sound that beats in my heart
The voice at the end of my screen
To the one that treats me like a Queen

There nothing more refreshing
Than waking to thoughts of you in my head
First thing when I rise
And even sweeter when I’m off to bed

(c) Lisa Goycochea

Sunday, October 7, 2012

What Makes you Different ?


What makes you different from him or I
A questions that’s been puzzling
my pessimistically skeptic mind

What makes you different?
Words I ask myself
Is it desperation to find a fault
That mentally, 
your character, I assault
If all men were created the same
What makes you different?
Or does it only apply
to the way you play the game?
What makes you different from the rest?
If I cut you will you not bleed?
If I shatter your emotions?
Will your heart not recede?
What makes you different?
Can you honestly say
that you can love
the same person always?

You get upset
when put in the same class, as the others from the past
But what makes you different
And what makes you think
whatever this is,
Will it last ?

What makes you different from the rest
Will you not break when put to the test
Will you walk away
Because you think its whats best
What makes you different I ask myself?
Can you love me for the person I want you to see
Because the person I am with you
Is better than the person I used to be

When in love, you see no end
Nothing she does can make you break or bend
But what about, when there’s not much more you can take
Will you take back your love
 and replace that with disdain or hate
So what makes you different from all the others I date
Your heart beats in your chest
Blood runs through your veins
Your skin may be different
But don’t you all think the same ?

© Lisa Goycochea

Saturday, October 6, 2012

After all this time



Never thought I would
Never thought I could
But now I have
And it feels good  

We met at a crossroad
But your choices I couldn’t bear
So I took my own path
Even though nothing seemed clear  

Felt like an eternity letting go
Strength is what I lacked
So afraid of the path I chose
Fear kept me looking back  

But after all this time
Never thought I'ld be here
My conscience is clear
My heart is open 

After all this time
I can pass you by
Without a tear
Or hurt inside
I've healed my pride
Lost a love
And gained
A friend.

  © Lisa Goycochea

Friday, October 5, 2012

Live Out Loud

Been here before, seen it all
Thrown pain, resentment, forgiveness
Now much needed caution to the wind
Not afraid to let go
Or completely give in
Not afraid to accept
Nor afraid to reach in
Still confused by this emotion
You want
Then you don’t
You love
Then you won’t
The feelings
Some are afraid to face
Too many moons past
With time callously misplaced
And the only thing I have to show
Are the lines left on my face
This is my now
This is my when
Stepping outside the lines
Shunning the past
Embracing the future
I’ve settled for less
Now I’m ready for more
Living and breathing
In this moment
For when my time has come
I can lift my eyes and say
Don’t cry for me
Treasure my memories always
This was my life
I’ve lived it my way
With no regrets
Only how, I saw best.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Brown Skin

Skin like garden silk
Hair glistens like gold under the sunlit sky
Eyes hold the steps to the soul
Lips like  butter
you just want to lather all over
Arms and Legs stretched tall
From start to where they end
Brown skin
You’re sexy as hell


© Lisa Goycochea

Just a Kid


I'm just a little kid
and my Daddy thinks I'm fine.
He say's I never cause him problems,
but my Mama say's he's blind.

I have to eat at the table.
I can't eat and watch T.V.
She makes me say 'Yes not Yeah',
Thank you and Please."
Dad say's there's lots of time
for me to learn these things and
he never does get mad when
I track mud in all the rooms.

He say's I'm just a kid
and I meant no harm
when I wrote on the walls and
dumped my toys in the yard.
Mom made me pick them up and
even made me clean the walls.

I think Dad is right and
I shouldn't work so hard.
Mom makes me clean my room
and pick up all my toys.

My Dad hates to see me spanked,
but my Mom sure don't mind.
She says it's good for me,
it will teach me wrong from right.

My Mom and Dad are friends.
They don't fight or anything.
The only time they disagree
is on what they think is good for me.

      Lisa Goycochea



Like two forces in the universe
Destined to meet
You blew into my life
Knocked me off my feet
Conformed my direction
To meet your path
And wormed your way into my heart
You have become the stone
On which I sharpen my tongue
The door on which my troubles are hung
The voice that makes my smile comes alive
Restoring my emotions
Provided me a shoulder to cry
You are the rhythm that drums in my heart
The one from which I don’t want to part
There is one truth my lips may hide
But through layers of masking
My heart can’t deny
What it is I’ve hidden behind my smile
Truth is, I’ve always loved you
And managed to hide it, all this time

© Lisa Goycochea

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Close to You (Random Thought)


For everything that you have given me
Ill take an eternity to give it all back to you
And if that’s what it takes to be close 
Then an eternity will just have to do


© Lisa Goycochea

Where the leaves Fall

Standing in the midst
Surrounded by your light
Tickled by your beauty
Twirling and Smiling
I can’t wait to feel you
Closing my eyes
I sense you
I breathe you, like no other
Intoxicated by the shades
You gently kiss my face
Caress my skin
So captivated by your beauty
I get lost within the breath of you
Arms outstretched
Playfully, I embrace you
Like you never left
With laughter
I welcome you back
My dearest Fall
Oh how I’ve missed you!


© Lisa Goycochea


The Darkest Light

Inspired by Michael Buble’ “Lost”



~Like a shooting star
So full of love and a lust for life
I’ve watched you from afar
But lately you’ve been so consumed
I barely recognize who you are

I feel you ache
And slowly it tears me apart
But you are not alone
I’ve been here from the start
Like a shadow, I’ve watched you grow
Carried your spirit, sheltered your heart 

You sit in that dark place
With those tears upon your face 
Barely breathing,
Hoping to disappear without a trace
Each day trying to be strong
Swallowing your words
Just to get along

Days drag on
Nights sustained alone
This place you’ve settled in
Is making your heart cold as stone
The simple sentiments
Are but a breathless eco
Which makes you question
What you already know

This love you once knew
Has become so strange
Making yourself crazy
Wondering what has changed
Trying to control your emotions
That you’ve locked deep within 
As anger consumes
Your patience grows thin
Feeling you can’t win
So you’re slowly giving in 

The signs have always been there
Now the writings’ become clear
Everything’s moving so fast
Slipping from your grasp
But don’t be sad
Just like everything else
This, too shall pass

I know things don’t seem so right
The once bright future
Suddenly doesn’t look too bright
But you are not alone,
I’m here for you
I won’t let you give up
Without putting up a fight

Ill be your shoulder
Your annoying conscience
And your guide
And when you need me
I’ll be here, right by your side


© Lisa Goycochea

Monday, October 1, 2012

Frozen in Time

Honestly, lying
Surrounded yet alone
Once a healthy heartbeat
Now lay faint behind the stone
Like a fairytale
The slipper always fit
Found by the prince  
But still so lost
Enchanted by darkness
Heavily guarded by doubt
Thoughts frozen in once upon a time
Always a different chapter
Telling the same story
Somehow the in-between’s always a blur
But it always end in the same
A cliché tale with no real fairytale end

© Lisa Goycochea


I want to love you
Without warrant
Without fear
Without discernment
Without worry
Without intervals

My heart is open
Ready to be filled with the beauty of you.
My mind,
Overflowing with thoughts of you
and only you.
My body has been branded
By you,
and Like a Fein, it craves the warmth of you

I think of life ever after
and It  illuminates my soul
Because you’re the one
The only one, my hearts wants to have and to hold
I want you to want me,  the way I want you
Love me like I’m the only one made for you
Meant for you
Like water to earth,
The only one who quenches you
Like the morning sun
The only love that can
Nourish you ‘
Sustain or break you

Breathe me, Like I’m your last wish
That tantalizing aroma
…. bouncing off your favorite dish

Breathe me
Till you can hear me
Taste me
Feel me, through the heartbeats
Echoing from your chest
Breathe me,   
Like I’m the oxygen to your brain
The soother to your pain
And most of all
The only love that’ll keep you sane

Just Breathe
breathe ME …


© Lisa Goycochea