Friday, May 21, 2010

Passions Ignite [Adult Content]

Passionate kisses
Making me wet
Bare nipples
At your attention
They stand erect
Hastily undressing
Take me
Right here
Right now
On this spot
Give me everything
Everything you’ve got

Heads tilting
Hips grinding
Legs stretched to the max
Muscle biting
Spine tingling
Each wave of pain
Busting through my desire
Fulfilling my need
A little pain with pleasure

No more hiding
No more being coy
This is what
We both waited for
Shut up
Sit back
And now close your eyes
Take a load off
Enjoy the ride

Sinful nothings
Whispered in my ear
Echoing I answered
Baby, I’m almost there
Climbing higher and higher
Intensely I grind
And rewind

You looked at me
As devilishly I smiled
You moaned my name
As on your face I climbed
I inhaled deeply
And closed my eyes
As the warmth of your tongue
Setting off fireworks
Almost drove me blind

Flipping me over
I knew you were near
Legs quivering
Exhausted from the ride
As rapidly into them
Your body still collides
More thrusting
More moaning
My name, I did hear
Reading my thoughts
As my submission
Became all too clear
I need to be punished
Severely in everyway
Every movement
Every touch
Into your mercy I played
In every sense
Every notion
The rules were obeyed

Tension heightened
As we both came tumbling down
Ecstasy has found us
Filling our need
Covering me with warmth
Rewarding our efforts
With a big A+
Gasping to catch a breath of air
Your hand catches my head
As your lips find mine
Depleted without movement
Satisfaction written on our face
Bodies still entwined
As we held each other smiling
Collapsed in a tender embrace

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  1. Very Nice, Love the Visualization


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