Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I see you go about your day
Your heart is light but guarded
Mmmm, just the way I like it

I’m not an illusion
I’m here to stay
I'll show you what could be
And with one seed of doubt
I'll take it all away

Pretending I don’t exist
Doesn’t make it true
I am your worst Fear
And I dwell within you

Timing is everything
So I linger, laying in wait
And just in that perfect moment
Its panic that I’ll create

Standing back I admire
Smiling that evil grin
I watch it feed off your insecurities
You’ve hidden deep within

Feel that pounding in you chest?
That’s just me, doing what I do best
That confusing banter inside your head
Definitely me, ripping your beliefs to shreds

You think can make it?
I promise you, you won’t
You think you can do it?
I’ll make sure that you don’t

I’ve got you cornered
Flourishing your mind with guilt
Hovering, I remind you
How terrible life can be
Outside the walls we’ve built

I am the master that reigns in your head
I am the sound bites off the words
That’ll never be said
I’m that disappointed look in your eyes
And the scream that gets trapped behind that smile

I can make you feel
But only when I want you to
A controlling love affair
Shared between me and you
So whenever there’s doubt
That’s when I’ll re-appear
I’m your puppet master
Otherwise know as FEAR

© Lisa Goycochea 11/24/10

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Our Kiss

as he looked at me
I just stared into his eyes.
the feeling im getting
from him is giving me butterflies.
he's like a good song in my head
hes amazing and hard to forget.
he looks at me
and he just takes my breath away.
I could tell by the look on his face
we both feel the same way.
as he looks into my eyes
then at my lips.
we both leaned forward
as we shared the moment
we've been waiting for.

That moment

……….. Our first kiss