Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Well the day is almost here
The one we get once a year
Cupcakes, greeting cards
Mommy & me trips
Whatever the case
They make us feel special
From our feet to our fingertips

From breakfast in bed
To the cards that are read
Hand-made crowns, made just for our heads
Kisses and Hugs, and “I Love You’s”
So much adoration, it’s all about you
There’s no doubt
This is a special day
They’ll show you love you
In there on own special way

Whether it be..
A woman without child..
Caring for them as if they were her own
A single dad, whole heartedly taking on the role
A stepmom working hard to reach the same goal
Grandparents nurturing grandkids with care
Or a friend helping out,
Since the momma or daddy’s never there

Whatever the case may be
Taking on the Title “Mom” is never easy
Here’s to anyone who’s ever cared for a child
A commendation is necessary
You deserve this high five
Doesn’t matter the circumstances
You’ve gotten yourself into
You are considered “MOM”
So from my heart to yours

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