Wednesday, May 12, 2010


As I try so desperately to end
Years of shattered memories
That I thought I could mend

I try to be guarded
From what scares me the most
But that all caved in
Every time I got close

Giving up is easy
Its what ive always done best
That’s why this time around
My need, NOT to give in
Each day was put to the test

Equality is the key
Stand by my side
You no lower
Or me, higher
I don’t ask for much
So I never do expect
But your imagination of me
Was unbearably
Way too “Perfect”

I’m not that complicated
As I sometimes seem
My trust is highly guarded
If you want to unlock me
The only thing, you need to remember
Honesty is always the key

So now why is it,
that after the worse has worn us down
We still sit and wonder
If Only….

So instead of becoming
What was
And disappearing with out a trace
If you want me
Here I am
Come and get me

My Truth seems to sometimes cut like a knife
My honesty is sharp
always seem to cut like a knife
And just like everything else

Becoming what was…
Has disappeared from my life

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