Wednesday, May 12, 2010

~I Killed Cupid~

I took a walk to clear my mind
Suddenly I heard a sound coming from behind
I turned around and to my surprise
A chubby lil guy in flight, just hovering in plain sight
Bow and arrows, on his back he brings
Scantily clad in a diaper and a pair wings

Rubbing my eyes not sure what I had seen
Maybe it’s the vodka talking, ‘cause it not Halloween
I tried to run, not sure what it was
He saw my fear and explained, what he does

What a relief, I’m not loosing my mind
I just met a cherub who’s been hovering behind
In cherub world this could be a normal walk or talk
But in mine that’s what we realist define as “to stalk”

Bothered by his presence I got the courage to say
Leave me alone and let me be on my way
For I do remember, who you are
Last time you came, your arrow left a scar

Those lingering kisses, those gleaming eyes
Shooting love at ya, forever in disguise
My My, how the tables will turn
Not falling for it this time, another lesson I’ve learned

Following me everywhere, flying round n round
That lil Fs’ trying to shoot me down
Had me trapped on the corner,
And aimed straight for my heart
Oh not again, it was just torn apart

I tried to reason
But he just wouldn’t see
Kept saying something about “here to help me”
He said my heart has mended
And I’m ready as can be
And he’s not leaving until, love sets me free

Whizzing through the air, arrows hitting the wall
Yelling, “You can’t want love and be scared to fall”
Missing me by inches,
Now I’m a quite annoyed
Cupid I’m warning you !
I’m not in the mood
Plus if you hit me with that arrow,
Your lil ego I’ll bruise

He kept coming at me,
I wasn’t sure what else to do
So I took aim at his head and hurled my platform shoe
Over he fell and came spiraling down
Now lifeless he laid, flat on the ground

I kneeled down beside him, not sure what to say
I didn’t want to hurt you, only to scare you away
Cupid I warned you
I tried to make you see
This hearts not ready
For what you have in store for me

I lay his head on my lap, As he tried to speak
But only a whimper came, because he was so weak
I tried comfort but it was too late
Cupid passed away February 13, 2008

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