Wednesday, May 12, 2010


This really wasnt suppose to
Honestly begin this way
I had this poem in mind
With something more special to say

We ended up meeting together
Finally, a casual day for coffee
I, stupidly smiling at you
You, always laughing at me

It was quite comfortable
Sitting there with you
Talking about whatever
And everything you liked to do

Seemed that we already
Knew so much about one another
Your daughter, your work
No sister, me and one brother

But originally I had written
This poem about that day
Only to re and rewrite it
With so much more to say

I guess Im just not use to
Falling for someone so soon
I know its not been awhile
Cuz I keep singing the same tune

You have so many admirers
The world wants to hold your hand
I really dont know where I fit
What to think, where to stand

The girls, the guys
There so much I dont know
But I think you keep that quiet
Just so I wouldnt turn and go

That last night we shared
Something new around the bend
Me telling you I knew that
You would break "100" in the end

The weather turned out to be
So very nice out by the beach
Do you realize then that
For my hand did you finally reach

But I do have to admit
The brownies werent half bad
You feeding me in bed
Made me smile, just a "tad"

I enjoyed making them for you
As was the smile upon your face
Yet another moment lost
In a memorable, tender embrace

Watching you, hearing you
Finally fall in my arms asleep
I kissed you softly upon your forehead
Dreamed myself for you I could keep

Wishing it were only make believe
One that would give to more sense
"Opposites are suppose to attract..."
Yet, doesnt explain why its so intense

Consider me crashed and burned
For I dont really know what to think
We play unknown roles in life
Attached by some mysterious link

This wasnt my original writting
For Im thinking maybe Im not the one
My feelings are no longer invisible
This poem... is finally done.

by invisible eye

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