Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Stupid girl

Walking along
Carrying her heart in her hands
Unguarded for everyone to see
She shakes from fear
Still she won’t listen to me

Stupid Girl
Please turn around
Back away slowly
Don’t make a sound

Stupid girl
Don’t you know?
The past you carry around
Are like your demons
They’ll keep you guarded
They’ll never let you down

Stupid Girl
Take my advice
Don’t make the same mistake twice
You’re giving your heart away
But what you’re getting back
Is it worth the price?

Stupid Girl
I'm always here
Those nights you cried
I held your tears
And through the darkness
I was there
Whispering comfort in your ear

Stupid Girl
I don’t understand
I’ve done everything to protect
That heart you hold in your hands

Stupid Girl
Please explain
Please tell me these walls we built
Wasn’t built in vain

Stupid Girl
Don’t leave me now
You and I, we made a vow
We’ve come so far
I made you strong
Built you tough
So no one can do you wrong

Stupid Girl
Here my plea
Before it’s too late
I hope you’ll see
There is no one else out there
That’ll love you better than me

Stupid Girl
We’ve come so far
I’ve done all I can to make you stay
Seems you’ve got a plan
Your mind I can’t sway
But if you ever need me
I'm just a guarded wall away

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