Wednesday, May 12, 2010

To All Friends

Sweet sentiments you always extend
A cheerful thought, you’re willing to send
You always bring a smile to my face
When I get your messages on IM or Myspace

Something Positive for the Monday Blues
Or just Hello to spark my Tuesday Fuse
Sexy or Raunchy to liven Hump days
Or something funny quenching my Thirsty Thursdays
Friday’s messages are best of all,
TGIF comments sending me straight to the bar
Saturdays & Sundays, I don’t hear from you
But I guess it’s Ok; I have much to do too
If I’m not online, you know what to do
Send me an IM request, I’m on Yahoo

Just wanted to let you see,
That I appreciate you adding me
And take the time, to keep me in mind
Stopping by my page from time to time
Sending me love, though I’ve never met you
And me; sending those thoughts right back at you
So to all my Myspace friends
Or even the ones on My Yahoo IM
I’m wishing you sunshine for your raining days
And love and laughter to you and yours now and always

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