Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I wanna be II

I wanna be that sparkle in you eye
In a proud sense I wanna say, yes that’s my guy

I wanna be the one that lingers on your mind
In your darkest place, it’s my face you’ll find

I wanna be more than your lover & your friend
I want to be your girl for more than a day past the end

I wanna be the reason for the smile on your face
That gap in your heart, I wanna fill the space

And when you feel everything seems out of place
I wanna be your comfort, through our embrace

And on the days you just need some quiet time
Snuggled quietly beside you is where I wanna climb

And on the days you’re feeling down
I wanna be the one to chase away your frown

And when nothing seems to go your way
I wanna be the one telling you, it’ll be ok

And when you feel you can’t reach no more
I want to be the hand yours reach for

And when you seem to be confuse
I wanna be the voice of reason you choose

And if ever you feel lost or seem despair
You can always look to me
Because I’ll always be standing right here

And in the moments, you feel content
I wanna be the one to share you joy

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