Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nurses: Our Wingless Angels

They never notice
I watch them go by
Jumping to the occasion
Never asking why
Their hours are long
Their days are tough
Yet they feel
Sometimes caring for their patients
Is not nearly enough

Politely flashing a smile so bright
Working hard
Sometimes with no vacation in sight
No bickering or separation
I’ve never heard them fight
Together they stand as one
Always helping each other, until the task is done

A schedule change here
Another there
Accommodating their patient’s needs & concerns
And doing it with Care
Excellence is their top priority
Devoting love and ministration
Yet never seeking recognition
There’s never a doubt
If they love what they do
Because they beam with pride
And they walk on through

If ever, you’re in need of a bunch so rare
To shine a light in time of despair
A prayer for comfort
Or brush away a tear
A hand to hold
Or a listening ear
Spewing words of encouragement
To get you on your way
Or simply whisper, “don’t worry, it’ll be ok”

Nothing compares to the work they do
Their shoulders are broad
And like Angels, their hearts are true
It doesn’t matter the color they wear
Yellow, red, pink, white or blue
Just consider yourself blessed
To have a Hospice Nurse
Taking care of you

Happy Nurses Week 4/27/10

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