Friday, December 25, 2009


Twas the night before Christmas, alone in the house
Not a sound to be heard, not even a spouse
Nothing was hung, wishing no holiday cheer
No sounds of laughter filled the air
Huddled in bed, since there is nothing to do
Trying to push through the holiday blues

Annas’ asleep, probably dreaming of her list
Your dad’s not here, I’m growing more and more pist
No friends or family around
There all in Miami
Eating lechon by the mounds

And as that thought crossed my head
I heard a swooshing sound
With a spring and a hop
I jumped out of bed

On nana, on iva, on karla and phil
You are all my buddies,


Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Bill For Santa

Here we are almost Christmas time
Hustling and bustling through the lines
Running our fingers down the list
Checking it twice to see who we've missed
The temperatures dropping,
Today its 60 degrees
You might say that's not cold
But in Florida that's too cold a breeze
Windows are all deck out in festive d├ęcor
Enticing more shoppers into their stores

With only a few more days to go
And no presents yet to show
So much to buy in so little a time
Only a few dollars left and a couple dimes
October & November were just a glance;
and once again, this holiday season
Has left me worried about my finance

Christmas is kind of special
We all agree so there's no doubt
If you've been good at all this year,
Then there is no need to pout

We love to see the twinkle in their eyes
As they open their gifts with so much surprise
From Santa: the cards would read
Everyone's got what they wanted
Even things they don't need

Since To Santa all the credits will go
I'm sure ole Saint Nick would like to know
That I've all kept my receipts
To remind him how much he owes

Happy Holidays
From My Family to Yours.