Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dedicated to My Anna

Another year gone by
Still you’ve made me so proud
You are my Rock, My Princess
For you, my feet are firmly on the ground

Packed full of energy
My ball full light
You’re so easy going
I constantly check on you
Especially; when you are too quiet

You’ve blossomed my inner child
Echoing laughter in my soul
So small my dear
Yet you have manage to keep me whole

I try to show you daily
How much you mean to me
For without you near my love
I’m not sure; of the kind of person I’d be

We’ve come along way
From you eating play doh
To now knowing, every song on the radio
I could never try to change you
To me perfectly fine
Already I see a bit of me
On display in you from time to time

I pray each night for the courage
To never let you down
Make you disappointed
Or replace your precious smile with a frown

I watch as you run off to play
And wish in my arms, you’d rather stay
Longing for the days….
Of my hand, you feared letting go
But I’ve shadowed and taught you well
And allowed you much room to grow

From the darnest things you say
To the simplest that amazes you
So eager to help me
Always trying to fill my shoe
I adore your unexpected hugs
And butterfly kisses too
I Love You Now and Always
Arianna Baby;
This one’s dedicated to you.

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