Friday, May 14, 2010

Golden Lillies - R.I.P

Celina Sanchez-Ruiz
1/16/1932 – 10/7/2001

It’s been a while
Since I last saw your face
So full of character
I smile
As I picture you
Going about your day, so full of grace
I wonder if you watch over us
If you are proud of us
And if most of our actions
It was you who guided us

I started getting dressed
With just coffee on my mind
Then it was a pair of your earrings
My hands did find
For a moment, I just stared
Wasn’t sure what I wanted to do
I would love to wear them
But it’s all I have left of you

I remember that night you came to me
So beautiful,
You smiled so radiantly
My heart pumped so hard;
I started to cry
As regretfully I remember
Not being able to tell you goodbye
You hugged me, and told me you couldn’t stay
And said; "not to worry, everything will be Ok"

At times I come cross your picture
And wish that you were here
But I know God had a reason
A plan, much bigger for you up there
You’re not of my blood
But I loved you as such
You were a burning light in my heart
And today I still miss you
And love you, just as much

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