Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Calling All Angels

I hear your voice
And your face, I picture
The flashback start
As memories of our path floods my mind

Pieces of my heart
Falls like a landslide
As you begin to cry
My heart pounds
As I listen to your every word

Holding back tears
So for you..
I can be strong
My palms sweat
As I begin to pray
Asking God;
Please send a Guardian Angel your way

With each pause of silence
Emotions push through
I tell you, it’ll be Ok
And if you need anything
I’m always here for you

I want to fold you in my arms
For comfort
For reassurance
Or just to let you know
My heart consumes your spirit
And we’re all routing for you to pull through

If I could
Believe me I would
Trade everything I have for your pain
If only;
That would make you All Better Again..

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