Thursday, March 13, 2014

Only You


It’s a blessing,
to have someone that gives their all for you;
not only by saying it
Someone who can put a smile on your face
without even being in the same room
who cares for you sometimes more than you ever
dreamt of caring for yourself
Someone who fills you with motivation
when your will has settled
Who always has your best interest at heart
Who’ll stand with you
when you backs against the wall
And is there to catch those tears,
if they ever do fall
I always count my blessing
But when I think of you
I always count twice


© Lisa Goycochea

Saturday, February 1, 2014

I thought of you (ADULT CONTENT)


Sitting here I think dirty thoughts of you
Wondering, if you think of me too
I smile as I imagine sitting on face
My fingers trace your lips
So subtle I crave the taste
Uneasy I get comfy in my chair
Imagining your body
Caressing your hair
I bite my lip
As I hold back from touching myself
Sitting here alone, tapping at my keyboard
Enjoying every ounce of pleasure
My imagination hoards 

I look back to my thoughts
I see you standing there
You smile and motioned me to come near
Coyly I accepted
I held you and kisses your lips
Inhaling, I look away to calm my mood
I can feel the rush of hormones
Trickling thru my spine
Playfully my fingers part my lips
As I imagine it’s yours, at the end of my finger tips
As my senses heightened
Again, I smile a dirty little smile
Crossed my legs, trying to contain the heat awhile 

In my mind slowly I'm undressing you
Kissing, caressing you
My heart pounds rapidly in my chest
One button
Then two
There’s no rush
It’s my fantasy
So it’s just me and you.
You kissed me gently and guided me down
As I slowly unzipped your pants
Appreciating your work of art
Gently I kiss inch by inch
Quivered at every thought
Of how big, long and strong
End to end you are
Cupping your globes, as my tongue trace the tip 

I imagine firmly stroking up and down
Like a lollipop I lick and lick
Deeper in my throat I take you in  
Stroking and sucking all the way down
Licking in circles ‘round and ‘round
I'm biting my lips as I write these words
Squeezing my thighs tightly
Yearning to squeeze my nipples and rub my tits
Or even touch myself just for a little  bit 

 I suck you in deeper and deeper
With a shift of emotion
You held my head firm
Began pumping in and out
Harder and harder
Deeper and deeper
You moaned softly
As you violated my face
Kneeling there
I’m enjoying the moment
Enjoying the pace
Faster and faster  
You pumped in and out
Greedily I accepted it all in my mouth
I can sense the tension,
You’re about to explode
I held my head back,
Ready to catch your load
With a burst of relief,
You explode on my tongue
You taste so good, I don’t want to stop
But I'm pleased with my work
So I swallowed every drop  
I kissed it softly, and tucked it back in
Giving you a satisfied kiss  

I walked away with a grin.

  © Lisa Goycochea