Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Empty Tummies

You hear it on the radio
You see it on the news
You pass them on the street
No roof over their heads
No shoes on their feet
They rummage the garbage
For just a morsel to eat

How can you sit and say
There’s not much you can do
You buy cigarettes
You buy booze
You buy things that
Eventually you’ll never used

Everyone complains times are hard
And everything’s hard to come by
They close their hearts to the outside world
With no trouble turning a blindside
No change to spare
No old clothes to share
Can’t go without food for a day
To put a smile on a face
Or feed someone else, who hasn’t eaten in days

Not as a Nation
But as Humans
We have to do better
How can you sit and eat
Sleep in your bed, wrapped in your comfy sheets
As there are kids hungry
Wandering homeless in the street

Each day so much is taken for granted
And each day, there’s so much more you can do
Change the way you treat the world
So when we’re older,
We can still enjoy the view

Don’t teach the next generation
It’s ok to turn a blind eye
Because they’re not of your relation
It’s ok to walk on by
Leave them there in their misery
Laying there on the sidewalk
Just about ready to die?

Imagine if it were a neighbor
A lost friend
Or even of your kin
Shouldn’t matter the race
Neither should it matter
The color of their skin

As a fellow human
I’m here to say
This is our Race
If united we stand
Then united we should stay
There are others that need you
And just thinking about it
Won’t make it go away

So stop the cycle
Stop making the excuse
You’re help we can use
We can’t do it alone….

© Lisa Goycochea

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