Thursday, May 13, 2010

Life of a Shopperholic

Walking the mall is always a pleasure,
In every department I'll find a treasure
Consider it bought if it looks real nice,
Since I tend to forget budget and price
There is definitely no rule,
in this shopping pool
American Express, MasterCard, Visa,
they're like my workmans tools
I'll buy everything I don't need,
Just by habit, not by greed
Everything is bought in two or threes,
Another addiction I'm trying to squeeze
Shop, Shop, Shop where shall I start,
So hard to choose it breaks my heart

Chanel & Coach my two favorite stores
Marc Echo & Kimora are right next door
Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan & Baby Dior
Can't forget my Arianna that's for sure
Isaach Mizrahi not expensive at all,
Since most designs are in the target stores
Phat Farm, Perry Ellis,
Sean & Calvin Kline,
Will sure look fine on that man mine
Those Armani Jeans I bought last week,
Certainly makes my ass look chic
Department store makeup, I just wont try
..Don't use them too much, so I'll walk on by
Cautiously hovering the perfume stand,
Franticly spritzing on my hands
Alothough they have such a great selection
My new scent fix is the
Calvin Kline "Obsession"

Burberry, Celine & Christian Dior
I can smell satisfaction
as I walk through their doors
That Hermes bag, I'd love to have,
But would have to take on a second job
Yves Saint Laurent and Tiffany's jewels,
Now I'll be drowning in the bad credit pool
Fendi and Prada I just can't stand,
But Louie V. and Todds will hold my hand
That Burberry skirt I wanted so much,
Would go perfect with this Cavali clutch
House of Dereon my new obsession,
A $65 t-shirt in the bag without any questions

Today I spend,
tomorrow my pockets will hurt
But right now I'm only thinking about that Tommy Hil. Shirt
Checking out the stores with delight,
At least today I'm not shopping out of spite
Within the hour, my saving I've spent,
To these designers every cent went
Oh! Barnes & Nobles I just can't look,
I can never walk out with out a cookbook

Aching feet, empty pockets,
credit cards shot,
I'll convince myself I didn't spend a lot
Now I'm tired and completely worn out
Just in time to hit the Food Court
I go through receipts and create a tactic
Because there is no way in hell, I can explain
The mess, I just created on my plastics.

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