Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So hard to say Goodbye

Walking around like zombies
A straight-line,
No quarries to piss each other off
He doesn’t love me; OMG
Like I didn’t know that all along
Realizing the fact, trying to stay strong

Hard to say its over now
But if not now then when
We claim we’ve tried
But lost the urge to coincide,
To see eye to eye
To speak of truth
and not hurt each other with lies

Holding on to something that can never be true
Its not easy, I’m falling apart too
Remembering love our hearts once knew
Convincing myself that its me and not you

why hold on to something
that never has or can ever be true
but no matter what I’ll still love you
just don’t mean I have to accept the things you do

countless times I’ve given us my best shot
a lot
So babe this goodbye will be our last time

And kick our pride aside
‘cause we’ve given it our best try
And baby this goodbye will be our last time.

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