Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Somewhere in between

Too much going on in my mind
Yet not one steady thought, I can find
Grasping desperately,
I need to know
Why it is, that my past still hurts me so
Energy always burning low
From the nights I stay awake
Battery blinking on empty
Sadness and worry
Throughout the day are plenty
Just by looking at me
No one would know
My nights are restless
My heart shrunken and cold
Today seem longer than usual
Left me tired and feeling alone
My nerves are strung
As anxiety shun my heart the normal beat
From silently pining for the one
Whose love and affection I seek
An eerie stillness in the air
No sounds from her to comfort
Helpless I lay and stare
No music to distract
Just lost in thought
Worn out and detached
In my mind, I search for your smile
Lately its seems like a spec
Frantically I’m trying to find
Too often saying the words
I’m sorry
Even, for the things
I’m not sure I did
I bury myself in wonder
And hope by days end
Or before the day is lit
I’ll hear your voice
That sounds so sweet
The sound I long for
The one that makes me
Feel complete

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