Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cupid DOA


Woke up this morning, hungover and bummed
Went to grab the paper, and was seriously stunned

CUPID IS DEAD the headlines read
He was found on the corner, with trauma to the head
Dressed in a diaper, bow and arrow by his side
Found lying on the corner, assuming instantly he died

I looked up from reading, I wanted to hide
‘Cause the neighbors were all gathering around outside

Could they have heard?
Could they know what I’ve done?
One had a pitch fork,
The other kept waving a gun

Quickly I turned to walk away
When I heard, an angry voice say
Did you read the paper yet?
Did you hear the news?

Cupid is dead, and no one has a clue
The only lead they’re going on; is a very large shoe

My mouth still open, I just couldn’t believe
Standing there in my PJ’s, with blood on my sleeve
Nervous and sweating
Not sure what to say
I’m shaking like a leaf
My face showed dismay

Assumptions they jumped to
Expletives they hissed
Watching them get angry and shaking their fist
An old couple walked up, with more breaking news
No suspects’ been arrested, the police all seemed confused
Not knowing where to point the blame,
What they did to the poor fella, is really just a shame

I cant take this no more, I’m beginning to fret
My hearts’ boiling over with so much regret
Lastnight all I wanted was to take a walk
But NO!
Me! This little guy wanted to stalk
So I hurled my shoe straight at his head
Today Dearest Cupid turned up dead.

It wasn’t a dream, I know that now
How I’ll get outta this jam, I don’t know how
Some might agree he deserved what he got
While others may think I deserve to be shot
But until then….
Nothing I did see….
I’ll keep my mouth shut….
And I’ll remain free….
And if they come knocking on my door
I’ll pretend not to know
That cute lil fella in a diaper, couple arrows and a bow

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