Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Who can I run to

There is so much emotion stirred up inside
I started out with a poem, of feelings I can’t hide
Everything, floating, swirling, moving so fast
Letting go of the reigns and forgetting the past

Since nothing feels good enough to truly express
What I’m feeling deep down, alone in my nest
Seems you are different, or so I may think
Too afraid to find out, so afraid to blink

Kisses that literally sends jolts to my heart
More than five hours is enough to bear apart
Your arms around me seems, so sure
It’s getting harder, letting you out the door

Everything passing by so fast
Always doubting, how long this can last
Many will say she’s quite a catch
But deep down, I’m just “me” looking for you
My so called “perfect match”

But then I read everything you said;
And apprehensive thoughts blur my head
Tormented by insomnia I lay here awake
Hoping all this wasn’t just a mistake

Feels like insecurities are getting in the way
But if there’s doubt, don’t hesitate to say
I’d rather hear truth, than have you dancing around
Trampling my yet so small fragile heart into the ground

I’m not that complicated
IF - in time you will see
Even the simplest things
Just truly amazes me

Trying to show the simplicity of it all
It didn’t take me thirteen days to fall
Not sure what to do, or how to portray
Without me telling a story that could last all day

So when you read this, don’t think too hard
‘cause I’m new to all this, so my heart I’ll guard
Though there is so much, you still don’t see
But then again, you did warn
You are all kinds of “wrong for me”

But in the end, you’ll finally say
That quirky girl so tall
Was truly the rarest of them all.

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