Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why Cant I tell you I love you.

As I look up into the sky,
My mind tumbles through the day.
And I can't help but ask myself why,
You make me feel this way.

Our meeting drifts through my mind.
The memory of you, I can't leave behind.
Thinking about it, and thinking of you.
Is about the only thing that I can do.

How can I forget your smile?
Or the twinkling of your eyes?
You make the regret worthwhile,
I can't ignore the butterflies.

They start to flutter and die,
Every single, damn time,
I gaze up into your gentle face,
And then my heart begins to race.

Yet still I wait and bide my time,
Waiting poised, to commit the crime.
As your lips curve into a smile,
My heart jumps and runs a mile.

The allure of your cheeky grin,
Begs for me to commit the sin.
From you, there is no where to hide.
The agony is more then I can describe.

It's almost as if nothing else matters,
All I hear is my heart as it stops and splatters,
It's like nothing else can make a sound.
Every single time you are around.

But your breathing pounds in my ears,
It's soothing and calming in a way,
Yet my mind goes completely blank.
I just don't know what to say.

I am conscious of all the people,
Watching us the way they do.
Yet a part of me ignores them.
To me there is only you.

And then my time is up,
I know I have to go.
It's hard and devastating.
And I wish it wasn't so.

So back I go to my place,
Where I lay and think about your face.
Only to repeat the day,
Once again with nothing to say.

The silence is the worst,
One day I swear, I will break the curse,
And my feelings will be made clear,
I will be bold, and strong, and free of fear.

I will tell you how much I care,
And I will promise you I will be there,
But until then, I will be in the shadows,
Waiting, praying in these meadows,

And until that day you will not see,
The truth that has enveloped me.
Because you must never know,
That I am the one, that loves you so.

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