Wednesday, May 12, 2010

SEDUCTRESS [Adult Content]

I long to taste
The sweetness on your lips-
To feel the sensation
Of perfection’s sweetest kiss.
I need to experience
Your warmth in my veins,
Your softness in my heart-
To make me crazy insane.
Let me pull you in-
Body, mind, and soul…
I desire the sheer goodness
Of losing complete control.
I am still with curious tension,
Send my imagination to soar-
I crave to be here with you
And be curious no more.
Lay your head back,
Relax your troubled mind;
Let me fill your world with peace
And leave yesterday behind.
I wish to bring you close
To the brink of ecstasy,
Until your surrender here
And consume the rest of me.
Let me tease you tenderly-
Trigger your thoughts again…
I will hold you hostage
As my sweetest sin.
Your mystery overwhelms
To teach me something new-
So let my mind linger longer
On my moment of perfection with you

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