Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Feel the rhythm through my body
The liquor harassing my feet
Lust Lingers in the air
Suitors springing small talk,
Already trying to get near

Tonight I plan on having a blast
Forgetting my insecurities, suppressing what shall be my past
Left my cares at the door
Soon I’ll be making love to the dance floor
Everyone seems to be having a good time
Music’s good
Drinks are flowing
Life is good and everything is as it should

Eyeing the red head, checking me out from afar
Sipping her drink, moving to the beat at the bar
Coyly on me, her watchful eyes linger
Coaxing me to dance, calling me with her fingers
Making all her desires known
Tonight it’s me she wants to take home
Trying to ignore all the signs
Pretending not to read between the lines

Few beers down the hatch, couple colorful shots
My arms are heavy, my legs buckled into knots
Chikz dancing on the bar looking cuter by the minute
Shaking everything limber as fast as the DJ can spin it
My head is pounding out of control
But I’m nowhere ready to go home
Getting picked up at the bar was not at all planned
Since I’m not interested in a one night stand

Stepping out, to get a breath of fresh air
Only to find being alone comes despair
My body’s numb
My mind’s on a break
Not sure how much more of these pick up lines I can take
Back onto the dance floor
Trying to shake the mood
As the sound of laughter echoes through the room
The clock strikes two, its time to go
No! It’s too soon,
The night is still young
Although tonight I was alone and still had fun

Staggering home with satisfaction on my face
Hope I don’t see any of my drunken pics
Plastered on Myspace.
So until we meet again,
Bacardi, Senor Cuervo and My new friend Jack
This night might be over, but I promise you
Next week, I’ll definitely be back.

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