Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Reflection: Jamaica Vacay - II

Sitting here in this dusty chair listening to the rain through the window
Watching my daughter as she sleeps so innocently
I realize I actually miss him, what a bitch c]life can be
Trying not to appreciate all the little things that can make me smile right now
Dropped off so far from where the real civilization begins

Its amazing to see everyone every thing still the same after so many years
Everyone still look the same just by age
Everyone still looks amazing coming from shool in there uniforms almost in a single file they’ll walk to the nearest bus stop, with rags on there head because the sun is beaming hot

The drive here is horrendous
I could never muster up the gut to drive, Jamaican will turn a 2 lane into a four with everyone expecting to go at the same time, everyone yells its like I got dropped off in Road Rage Hell, everyone shaking there fist and yelling even the tourist have apted to the concept, they just blend right in…

I’m so pisst spirit lost my luggage or better yet didn’t put it on the plane
And of course I ended up with the bag that has all my shoes???
hopefully my insurance will reimburse me for some of it.
Tonight I’m planning out dawning my favorite underwear and bra and some fuck me heals and go out
Who needs clothes when your in Jamaica, I’m sure the locals wont mind, besides I’m one of them.

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