Wednesday, May 12, 2010


If you only knew, I am that gurl, I pretend not to be
I put on a smile for everyone to see
To shield my insecurities so the world cant hurt me .
The tough gurl
The rough gurl
Your gurl
The one who loves you endlessly
Same one with the split personality
The one who once fell from grace
Who looks for the sunlight upon your face
The tall Jamaican beauty
Who sometimes act alittle kooky
Who twirls her hair when no ones looking
Is delighted at the though of cooking
Wanting to be held like everyone else
Who cries on her pillow at night
Always telling others thing will turn out right
Would give anything; if your pain it would ease
Always praying for patience on bended knees
Loving without expectations
A hopeless romantic
Always thinking its better to have love and lost
Than not to have loved at all
A lust for you and life itself
But still skin deep, I'll hide myself
So you see
I am that gurl I pretend not to be
If you knew me at all
Wouldn't you agree

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