Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I watched as you grabbed your teddy & climbed into bed
Covering yourself and from under the blanket you said,
“Nite-Nite Mami, & I YUV you too”
Same words I’ve always heard but sounds,
So much sweeter, coming from you

Feels like yesterday, I was laboring for love
Now I have an angel, sent to me from above
I look at you and smile, at how grownup you’re getting
Now help from me, my little one is rejecting
What happened to the baby I carried inside
Just awhile ago, on MOM alone, you relied
My beautiful girl, with her mommy eyes
You’re growing up so fast, Spunky and full of life

Smiling at you, I silently prayed
That memories like these will never fade
I wish we could turn back the time
When you cried & up my lap you would climb
Now I hold these precious memories so dear
Of how much you’ve grown within your first year
I’ve been replace with ME, MINE and ME DO!
Which is fine, considering Today, My little girl turned TWO!

Trying to do everything on your own, is no surprise
I’m just so proud to see the independence, gleaming through your eyes
Fighting to put on your own shoes,
Cartoon by choice is now Blues Clues
Picking out your clothes, clinging to your own spoon
Even learned to lock the door to your room

Your dad changed your crib to a toddler bed
Fear of you growing up too fast, is something he dreads
He is so proud of you; I can see it in his smile
And you’ve learned that wrapped around
Your little finger is where he will always lingers
Because in his eyes you can do no wrong
And to you my darling is where our hearts belong.

Happy 2nd Birthday Arianna

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