Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Casual sex [Adult Content]

Rosie cheeks on ivory skin
Fading to where your hair begins
With your body that cuts me like a knife
Sharing the breath with you that claims my life
Your strong hands are so punishing
Why do I let you get the best of me?
Your arms are tired from holding you up
You’re taken in and consumed with lust
I kiss the lips that told me fairy tales
And I saw through the eyes where “wanting me” once prevailed
I dig my fingers into the palms of my hands
Unknowing of where my morals now stand
Your body gently envelopes mine
I forget about what is going on and close my eyes

don’t think you ever loved me
Honestly I’m no longer convinced
I knew what you wanted but gave in like a fool
Now pushed aside like a workman’s broken tool
another puppet on your string
again you got what you wanted, just another fling
And I’m left with the broken pieces of memories
of a what was and could have been

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