Wednesday, May 12, 2010

That Girl Is Mine.

As, I lay tired
Just waiting to see you
I still feel the numbness
From the pain that was
Slowly dying with excitement
Nothing a vision of you couldn’t drown
as, the sweetness of your lips touched me
Your caramel body glistened as you lay upon me
I felt sure that you are the one for me
The one I waited for
Longed for
Yearned for
Praying endlessly
As you stretched out in my arms
Content and full of life
Gently I caress your velvety mocha skin
bright bluish-green eyes looked right through me
Melting my heart
Replacing all my past anguish
Filling it with love
And in that moment
As I gaze into you eyes
I saw myself for the first time
For I new, you were mine
Then you spoke
And even with a shrill in your voice
Gently piercing through my ears.
I could feel your voice calling,
Calling me so sweetly ----
I smiled with adoration and pride
Because I’m honored
And proud to be your MOMMY.

Love Always

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