Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Reflection: Jamaica Vacay - I

I saw a hardware store advertising sign
while driving down a complex street in Jamaica

It read:
Things to build you dream home the pictures listed were:

Shower head

So much is considered a luxury for others.
Makes me wonder about all the things people take for granted
you drive by houses not painted because people cant afford to
Concrete blocks holding down the shingles on the roof to keep out bad weather
Kids running around in the puddles when it rain giggling like its Christmas
No electricity, No running water unless they carry it probably 4-7 miles just to have clean water to drink
No indoor plumbing, some houses without a door
Some without windows, rooms without a solid floor
No worries about dieting because they’ve gained too much weight
Yet they are all happy, fit and content with life,
hoping for the little things that a lot take for granted

But when you see people that actually never had it and can be this happy without it
Just makes you sit back and think how amazing the rest of the world can be
They can take the little that they have, make the best of it and still be happy

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