Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I’m just a girl
That simple island girl
Who’s not so simple after all

I'm just a girl
Nothing complicates me
When life hands out lemons
I grab the tequila, some salt
Put on a smile and mix

I’m just a girl
You’ll pass on the street
A rare gem, a few get to meet

I’m just a girl
Who sees the best in everything
For you, would go that extra mile
To turn that frown into a smile

I’m just a girl
Bright as Polaris the northern star
Your sweetest sin,
Still can be dark as a nuclear war within

I’m just a girl
Pushed around by circumstance
Devoured by life
Revived by destiny

I’m just a girl
As naughty as can be
Candle wax, latex, bite marks …hmm
A part of me
If you’re lucky, I’ll let you see

I’m just a girl
A Muff muncher
A Tongue puller
The other girl, I'll hide within me
Living a life only few can understand

I’m just a girl
As competitive as can be
Your greatest confidant
Your worst enemy
Still some hate
Because they want to be me

I'm just a girl
A mother
A dreamer
A lover
A fighter
Determined to survive

I’m “such” a girl
This simple island girl
With just your smile
My existence comes alive

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