Wednesday, May 12, 2010

If walls could talk - II

if walls could talk
Would they tell the secrets
The things we’ve said
the dirty things we’ve done ?

Silently watching
As a father beat his daughter
Or a mother cries for a husband
A priest touches a child inappropriately
Silently watching
a child steals from a mothers purse
Or how a sad father leaves his family to serve his country
Or how a mother looks at her kids before tucking them in bed
A stripper getting ready to go to work
when leavingin the middle of the night to find breakfast for the morning

Silently watching
As kids laugh and play when sent to bed
Silently watching
As a angry husband mnurders his pregnant wife
Silently watching as a child is taken from a window unwillingly from her room
Silently watcing as Rules are broken
Gangbangs happen to a teenage girl
A child is molested by her drunken father
As a mother morns for the loss of her daughter


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