Wednesday, May 12, 2010

If our walls could talk - I [Adult Content]

If walls could talk
What would they say?
Would they tell secrets?
Of our wild nights or our steamy days

Would they tell?
How I’ve been pushed up against them
Or climbed like a animal in heat
And devoured like a piece of meat

Would they tell?
That I enjoyed every moment
How I’ve clenched the sheets
Pretending to put up a fight then
Letting go, and giving into defeat

Would they tell?
How much you pulled my hair
Causing me to swear
Of how tightly a free hand grabs my neck
While the other coaxes me wet

Would they tell?
How you enjoy my honey dew
As my lips beg for mercy
As they are collided into

Would they tell?
How your Legs wedge between mine
Or how our fingers entwine
As my hips are picked up
Leaving no position undefined

Would they tell Secrets of how ……
You make me scream from pain and pleasure
Flipping me with hunger, feeding your desire
Taking me to ecstasy climbing higher and higher

If walls could talk
Would they tell our secrets?
All the things we’ve said
Watching silently just waiting to tell
All the naughty things we’ve done

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