Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wake Me Up When Summer Ends

I feel like I’m in a recurring nightmare
I’m trying to wake up any minute now
All alone in this house we made our home
Laying on our bed waiting for you to come home
Little thud from the wind on the front door
And my hearts skips to the thoughts of “he’s here”
Then that’s when there came these silent tears
Tears I can’t control
As down my cheeks they heavily roll
Trying to hold back the rest from falling
Listening to sad love songs
How silly that seems
Wishing things could be different
Is like a far fetched dream

It’s hard to see how far we’ve come
So much that we’ve accomplished
And so much still left to be done
But that’s all a thing of the past
At least that’s the impression
I left you with that day I saw you last
And even though were far apart
Even though you have broken my heart
I’m just sorry that you couldn’t see
How much I love you
Then, Now, Always and through out eternity

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