Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Today I Prayed

Last night as I lay resting in bed
I had a terrible dream that now tortures my head

I was dreaming that I had died
And you were alone with no one by your side

So now as I think, I pray and implore
Death doesn’t cheat me of what your life has in store

In this cruel world, a mother you’ll need
To overcome those obstacles and help you exceed

To watch you as you laugh and play
And hug and kiss your tears away

To nurture you, if you fall
And always be there when you call

To comfort you, when in fright
And hold you closely throughout the night

To see your smile as you, `ready for a first date
And be so proud, with honors you’ll graduate

And even though apart of you I’ll loose
I still want to see the boy you choose

And as you gracefully walk down the isle
I’ll shed a tear, but still I’ll smile

Watching you have children of your own
And passing on the wisdom, courage
and love that you were shown

So today, I prayed and implore
That death doesn’t cheat me
of what your life has in store

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